Boity and Katlego Maboe's doppelgangers

No, they're not twins but you might be forgiven for thinking so.

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Boity and Katlego Maboe's doppelgangers

Their resemblance is uncanny you might even think they're related.

As a fan of a celebrity, you sometimes secretly do wish that you looked like your favourite star. If given the opportunity and money, you would probably go under the knife and alter your face wouldn't you?

Unfortunately for some of us we were not born with a silver spoon or a trust fund bank account, so sticking to how we look like will just have to do.

However, there are some people who actually don't need to go through such lengths to look like some of our local celebrities, nature just randomly selected them to be the doppelgangers of our South African stars.

ZAlebs has come across two people who look just like your favourite stars.

First up is a young lady by the name of Xoloe Gumede who would get a lot of bookings if Boity's stardom and schedule required for her to have a double to attend events when she's busy with other things.

Xoloe and Boity

Boity and Katlego Maboe's doppelgangers

Then we have Espresso presenter Katlego Maboe who also has his own doppelganger, the man might be a few years younger than him but boy does he look like Katlego.

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Katlego and Khaya

Katlego and Khaya

Do you know of anyone who looks just like our very own celebrities? Do share your pictures in our comments section below.

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