Kaylow: An underrated vocalist

Can this man get the shine he deserves please.

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Since he stepped into the scene, house music vocalist, Kaylow, has blessed us with a number of timeless songs that will be played and appreciated for years to come. Our first introduction to the muso was back in 2014, when he made an impression on house fans with his debut album titled Reach Out.

Kaylow's rich soulful voice over House beats earned him a new fan base, and ever since the launch of that debut album, fans have been vibing to his music.

Songs like Soul Cafe, Nothing better, Dysfunctional Head and more are just some of the few that we've come to love. 
In 2017, he blessed us with another album titled War For Love, which was also a favourite amongst his fans. In 2018, Kaylow not only pushed his music and albums, but he also featured on Fistaz Mixwell's dance album (Mixwell Summer) on a song called Kaorata.

If we had a top two list of our favourite male house vocalists, Ziyon and Kaylow would definitely be on that list. Although Kaylow is known in the industry, we don't think he's getting the full appreciation and acknowledgement he deserves.

So, Kaylow, if you happen to be reading this article, just know that we appreciate you! Hopefully, in the near future your great contribution to the music industry will be recognised in the form of winning awards and being constantly booked for gigs.

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Kaylowofficial