New Couple Alert: Tino Shoots His Shot At Ayanda

Hmm..these two would actually look cute together

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Top of The

Well…what do we have here? It seems like we aren’t the only ones hoping Cupid’s arrow lands on us this year. 

TV heartthrob Tino Chinyani was recently caught taking a shot at newly single media darling Ayanda Thabethe on KFC'S Facebook page. 

What started off as a flirtatious moment between KFC and Mrs Balls had us sipping on some tea when the Mrs Balls Facebook page gave KFC the cold shoulder.

The flirtatious moment also caught the attention of the media darling who couldn't help but comment about the above interaction.

However, things got even more sweet and saucy when Tino took his shot at Ayanda with this rather cute compliment.

We initially thought Ayanda was going to mize Tino, but she clearly was charmed by Tino's compliment.

And like the alpha-male Tino is, he did not back down on taking yet another shot at Ayanda.

Wait, did Tino just ask Ayanda out on a Valentines Day date?

Usually a normal date signifies two people merely trying to get to know each other, but asking someone out on a Valentine's date is something on another level.

Will Ayanda take him up on his offer?

Well, it’s too soon to say whether these two will end up together, but this is one pair we would enjoy following.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@AyandaThabethe/@Tino_Chinyani