Khanyi Dhlomo's advice to the youth: ''Just enjoy your life''

Khanyi Dlomo just wants you to have fruitful life.

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Khanyi Dlomo

Khanyi Dhlomo shares her thoughts on what she could've done better as a teenager and how the youth should cherish their younger years on this earth

Many people look up to Khanyi Dhlomo

The media mogul has worked very hard to get to where she is today. She's reaping the fruits of her hard labour and is enjoying her life. But she hasn't always really enjoyed her life as much as she should have, that's according to her, at least. 

Khanyi was on Metro FM's Fresh Breakfast on Wednesday morning, where she was asked to give advice to her younger (16-year-old) self.  

She told DJ Fresh: "I would say that enjoy your life, just enjoy your life." 

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When asked if she hasn't enjoyed enough of her life, she said: "I think that I'm enjoying it much more now. I think that's when I was younger, I did not enjoy it enough.

"Enjoy your life and realize how powerful you are within yourself. Don't attach power to the external in terms of what people say, what people think, what this one is wearing, what this one is not wearing - which are all things 16-year-olds tend to think about. But, realise that the power is within you and that you can really create anything out of your life if you internally believe that you deserve it." 

The founder of Ndalo Media also recently made headlines after it was announced that she has acquired the licenses for Elle and Elle Decoration. 

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Speaking to Fresh, she explained that their focus is beyond just the magazine. "Yes, we'll continue to publish Elle magazine every month and we'll continue to publish Elle Decoration, we'll probably increase the frequency of Elle Decoration. 

"But more importantly, this is where I see the opportunity, is that the license is a lot broader than that, it gives one opportunity to maximize digital, maximize events, maximize other brand extensions that are relevant to fashion that can leverage on the Elle brand."   

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