Khanyi Mbau on "naked" parenting

Ms Mbau put this person in his place...

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Khanyi Mbau was forced to show her savage side when a tweep called her out for always being "naked" despite the fact that she has a daughter.

In case you didn't already know, South African men really believe they have the right to police the bodies of South African women. Even if a woman is famous and successful in her own right, a man will find a way to try and bring her down, and we saw this when Khanyi posted what was an otherwise innocent and well-meaning picture on Twitter.

Here's how it all began: Khanyi was taking a moment to wish her good friend, Stephens Nkwana (the founder of Universal Concerts) a happy birthday and she chose this picture to accompany her tweet:

Enter hotep Ken.

While most people loved the post, one South African male Tweep took serious offence to Khanyi's dress code in this picture, and he let his opinion be known when he said:

Khanyi is a mother and her daughter has obviously been following her mom's career for years now. This wouldn't be the first time that she sees her mom "naked" in the media.

While Khanyi can handle most shade thrown at her, bringing her daughter into it was seen as a step too far and she hit back with venom when she said:

Did anybody else feel it when she said "commoner state of mind?!" Ouch!

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