Tweeps Will Boycott This Show For Khanyi Mbau

They really are loyal fans

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Bravo, the American cable network best known for its reality TV franchise "The Real Housewives", recently announced a new upcoming show, The Real Housewives of Dubai. The announcement was met with a lot of excitement around the globe. Some fans of the network and its franchise reckon that they are finally about to see what real wealth looks like.

Locally, however, the excitement does not match the international levels. South African social media users are threatening to boycott watching the show unless their fave, Khanyi Mbau, is added to the cast. A social media campaign that started slowly is gathering steam as more tweeps are showing up to pledge loyalty to the actress.

This comes just briefly after Khanyi went back to Dubai, where her man, businessman Kudzai Mushonga lives. The couple recently sparked engagement rumours when the socialite posted a photo on her Instagram, wearing something that looked like an engagement ring.

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The engagement, if that's what it is, was surprising to many as it came only briefly after the couple had a dramatic and public breakup. In a series of social media posts, a scene played out in which Khanyi suddenly left Dubai for home without informing Kudzai. Apparently, the two had a fight and she just left, and Kudzai was worried for a while, wondering where the socialite was.

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However, it seems the two worked out their issues rather fast as the actress shortly returned to the UAE, announcing it with a picture of her passport and her flight ticket on Instagram. They have been all loved up since, and though surprised, fans were pretty excited at the suggestion that the two had taken the next step.

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Although the couple is yet to confirm the suspicions of their engagement, many social media users reckon their marriage would mean the actress moves to Dubai on a more permanent basis. This way, she would quite literally be a wife in Dubai, hence the campaign to get her on The Real Housewives of Dubai.

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That, coupled with the lavish lifestyle that the television host displays on her social media platforms is enough to convince us that she would be a great addition to the franchise, and we couldn't agree with the fans more.

It would, however, be a slight contradiction, considering Standard Bank only recently allegedly reposessed Khanyi Mbau's Porsche and Merc. Reportedly, the celebrity had been defaulting on payments to the bank for a while, and had ignored a court order to return the cars. Responding to the allegations, she said she was only one month in arrears for one of the cars, and had not received the court papers in time to respond appropriately.

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She also recently had to move to a smaller house last year, and social media users suspected that the Covid-19 financial strain across the country had reached her too. In light of these events, perhaps joining the cast of a show which features a lot of lavish living and spending may not be the best idea? But then again, she is potentially marrying rich, so why not?

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