#Khumbulekhaya: Sandile's Warm Homecoming!

What a tearjerking episode.

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The power of reality television in South Africa has mostly been both educational and entertaining, with real people displaying mostly their vulnerabilities for the nation to see.

Last night's episode of SABC 1's flagship television show, Khumbulekhaya proved to be such an emotional one, as a young man by the name of Sandile Ndlovu embarked on a life-changing journey as he was searching for his late father, Vusi Radebe. Sandile's story dragged on for an impressive 45 minutes, whereby the complexity and depth of the story was assembled.

Upon arrival at the Radebe homestead, Sandile was met with a challenge as his mother flatly denied that the man identified on the photograph is not Sandile's father. This part of the meeting of families was greatly confusing as the Radebes were quite adamant that Sandile was one of their own.

However, Sandile's mother later realised that she might have made a mistake, as she had now believed that indeed the man on the photo is Sandile's father.

After returning to the Radebes for the second time, they were welcomed with open arms and one could literally feel the genuine love and affection emanating from the television screen.

The grand moment was when Sandile's paternal uncle beamed with pride as he continually said: "Ingane yami le, Ingane yami," which is loosely translated, This is my "son", this is my "son."

Many have since commended at the display of love and support from both the Ndlovus and Radebes. Sandile is truly lucky to come from such inspiring clan.

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