Kid X reveals the release date of his debut album

Kid X teases release date of debut album and we're hyped about it. 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | KiD X  | Top of The

Could this be KidX's special lady?

To be a rapper, you need to know how to hide simple things in your wordplay. How else can you make people get down while spitting? 

Kid X used this rapping superpower to 'hide' the release date of his long awaited debut album on the SlikourOnLife wall. While the crew at SlikourOnLife was readying the wall for a new paint (heh, kumnandi eSlikourOnLife, walls that rappers write on even), they found a cryptic writing from Kid X himself which sort of revealed the release date. It's set for sometime in April, but when, we're not really sure. 


We're keen to hear what it sounds like considering that it's gone overseas and all. But knowing uMfana ka Aunty we're in for a treat. 

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