Lady Zamar on her new album and the single "Charlotte"

Lady Zamar is ready to release her new solo project titled - King Zamar

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As she prepares to drop her new album on the 31st of March, Lady Zamar has easily solidified her name in the South African House genre. 

With her latest single, Charlotte, alongside Prince Kaybee on high rotation on almost every South African radio station, we have no doubt that her new album will have a great impact on the South African music industry as well.

Speaking to ZAlebs, Lady Zamar said that she was actually quite excited yet nervous about her new album and how people are going to receive it.

Lady Zamar

In 2015, Lady Zamar also released a joint album with fellow musician Junior Taurus titled Cotton Candy. The album had a lukewarm reception from the public regardless of the many hits it had, however, it managed to score a nomination at the 15th Metro FM awards.

For the fans who enjoyed the music of the dynamic-duo Lady Zamar did inform us that she no longer works with Junior Taurus anymore and that it was a mutual business decision to go their own different paths.

"We've completely stopped working together, it was really just a business decision. We both just went our own different directions. He maintained his type of music and I just wanted something different, it was a business decision nothing personal." Said the singer 

Lady Zamar

We went on to ask the artist what the inspiration was behind titling her album King Zamar and what she hopes her fans will learn from listening to her new project.

"I believe that I have my own type of style and in that style I am the only person to do it that way. Which goes back to domain and dominion and also I consider a King to be a servant and I've always wanted my music to help people heal, evolve and become motivated by my music and that's why I called it King Zamar. 

Also, there are so many queens out there, everyone dubs themselves a queen, so I'm not necessarily dubbing myself a king but it's just how I see my music.

In terms of what I want my fans to learn from this album, there's a lot of stuff on this project that I've put in, that I hope people can relate to, I'd like for this album to become a social influencer." 

Lady Zamar went on to inform us that Prince Kaybee's single, Charlotte which she features in was written by her she also went on to clarify that the song isn't necessarily about a side chick but about all the issues we all tend to deal with when in a relationship.

"Charlotte is anything in your relationship that you do not know about, the insecurities that we all have in a relationship. I know people think it's a side chick I'm singing about, but it isn't. So the song is really about being in a relationship and having and dealing with those insecurities."

Lady Zamar has described her new album as a very personal project with a global sound.

The album King Zamar will be dropping on the 31st of  March, the singer will be hosting an industry listening session of the album on the 22nd of March.

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