LaSizwe wants to know "Ufeba Nobani?"

Ufeba Nobani this coming festive asks lasizwe.

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LaSizwe: Ufeba Nobani?

While Distruction Boys have made it official that relationships are closing on November 30th until January next year, Lasizwe has released a single ahead of the relationship closure to encourage us to not cry about being left or dumped during the festive season, but instead join the wagon and be single and available.

LaSizwe: Ufeba Nobani?

Women, no more crying about your men that disappear in December because Lasizwe says instead of shedding tears crying, join them and freelance in December too.

Lasizwe Dambuza teamed up with producer Ubhebhe to help us get through this festive with ease when it comes to dating. Stop crying over the men/women that leave you during the festive season because as much as they can be a free agent and freelance, so can you. Lasizwe has created a track that will not only keep us jamming on the dance floor, but give us a little tip on how to deal with a broken heart.

We recently caught up with the social media celebrity and asked him what inspired the song and this is what he had to say

"What inspired the song was the saying that goes "Men disappear on November 30th" and return just in time for Valentines, so I wanted to make a song about February which I call Ufeba Nobani" and the answer to that question is "Feba Nabo. We don't want names/titles because you are going to get beaten up by wives, girlfriends, baby mammas, and even side chicks. So instead of crying over them, freelance and in December and whatever you do, don't fall pregnant, that's the whole purpose of the song" he said.

The song that was only released yesterday has some real love from Lasizwe's followers and fans and some even started to catch on to its catch-phrase "Ufeba Nobani" followed by the reply "Sifeba Nabo"  and by the sound of it, we might be jamming to it this December. 

Have a listen to it and let us know what you think, is it a yay or a nay for you?

He even wooed the ladies when he performed if for the first time in Durban yesterday. Am I the only one who thinks Ubabes WamaLeyvels owes us a music video with Ntando Duma in it?

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