Lasizwe Accused Of Copying Content Again!

Is he really unoriginal or are we just haters?

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Lasizwe is back at it again but unfortunately he isn't trending because of his great comedic timing or season two of "The Lasizwe Show" but rather because the Twitter streets are calling him out on his copycat content.

Its been a long-standing debate that Lasizwe isn't an original content creator, a lot the public have pointed the finger at the young talent and accused him of stealing content from other Mzansi YouTubers who are on the up and up.

Earlier in the month, the smiley comedian was dragged on social media, after he made the announcement that he was ranked seventh in the Avance Media 100 Most Influential Young South Africans.

The media personality revealed that he had been ranked at number 7 which placed him as the overall lifestyle category winner.

With the announcement, brought a fair share of positive and negative comebacks from the people of Mzansi.

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This time, Lasizwe went back to basics when he uploaded a video titled "How VW Polo Drivers live in South Africa".

Although a number of his fans gave him over 2,300 likes, the rest of social media went on blast about the creative stealing content, again.

Some have argued that it isn't about Lasizwe and his inability to create content. Many see this as nothing new, as creators are always remaking ideas that have already been created. Similar to how a joke can be told by one person and then retold by another individual without anyone pointing the finger at one screaming, 'bloody murder.'

The individual who initially made the "VW" joke that Lasizwe recreated, came to the comedians defence and tweeted:

So, if the original creator has explained that they have granted permission to recreate their art, does it still make Lasizwe a copycat?

Even with all the negativity being thrown at the comedians direction, he used the fact that his name is trending to spin the narrative.

Lasizwe's social media bio states that among being a comedian and media personality, he is also a "content development strategist" - well, whatever all those words mean collectively, Lasizwe takes the phrase, "Bad Press is Better Than No Press" with finesse.

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