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Lebo M, Lebo M
Known for his legendary opening line in the classic Disney film- The Lion King, Lebohang Morake popularly known by his stage name Lebo M is arguably one of the best music composers and performers in Africa.

Although he is currently very successful, Lebo M’s beginnings were quite different. He rose from a humble background with nothing but a big dream and incredible talent and grew to become bigger than the dream he had of himself.

Here is a look at Lebo M’s net worth, a look back at his musical journey, and a sneak peek into his incredible family life.

What is Lebo M's net worth?

Lebo M, source: Instagram

According to several online sources, Lebo M’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million which is roughly equivalent to about R66 million, earning him a spot on the list of the richest music composers in South Africa.

Lebo M’s career: From humble beginnings to international fame

Lebo M, source: Instagram

Currently regarded as a world-renowned music composer and performer, Lebo M’s net worth has been built through his successful career which stemmed from very humble beginnings.

Having discovered his natural talent for music at a very tender age, Lebo M started performing in nightclubs and when he was 13, he became the youngest performer to sing at the Club Pelican in Soweto when he was asked to fill in for an absent backup singer.

He continued with his stunts in Soweto until 1979 when he travelled to Lesotho on a bus after learning of a new nightclub in Maseru.

In Lesotho, Lebo M would play the piano in high-end restaurants and hotels. His gigs earned him tips and he was also able to network with international tourists.

When he was 15, Lebo M moved to New York, USA. After recovering from his initial shock of discovering that America was the exact opposite of what he had imagined it to be, Lebo M continued playing in restaurants across the city. 

With the help and support of churches from the black community, Lebo M attended music classes. A couple of years later, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue greener pastures but things worked out differently and he ended up living in the streets for close to two years.

Fortunately for Lebo M, his luck began to turn for the better. With the help of a journalist, he got a place to stay and he enrolled at the Los Angeles City College.

Around this time, he made acquaintances with multi-award-winning composer Hans Zimmer and he ended up co-writing, co-producing and performing the soundtrack for the 1992 film The Power of One. Later on, Hans Zimmer would look for Lebo M again to work on the soundtrack of Disney’s Lion King and the rest is history.

Over the years, Lebo M has worked on other big films including Congo, Born to the Wild and the Lion King franchise. He has performed across the world, met with some of the biggest names in the world and ultimately made millions from his musical talents.

Lebo M’s wives and children

Lebo M with Pretty Samuels, source: Instagram

Lebo M’s net worth affords him the luxuries that most people cannot afford like owning homes both in Johannesburg and America, being married several times and comfortably raising a big happy family.

The internationally acclaimed composer and performer has been married at least four times and has at least eight children and stepchildren including his daughter Refilwe Morake who is a musician and often performs with him.

In July 2022, it was reported that Lebo M had gotten married, again in a private ceremony at the magistrate's office to a woman identified as Pretty Samuels. We wish the newlyweds nothing but love. 

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