Lerato Kganyago Shows Her Charitable Side

Charity starts at home: even for celebs

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Lerato Kganyago  | Top of The

It’s nice when celebrities can take a second from bashing each other on twitter threads and do some good for a change. 

When the beloved host of Project Runway South Africa, Lerato Kganyago used her star power to help someone in need it reminded us of that time when Nicki Minaj handed out scholarships on twitter. 

Over the weekend, a young lady named Zethe asked the talented presenter for a helping hand on twitter. Asking her for a clothing donation as her home had just burnt down.

Ever so graceful Kganyago responded to the young woman’s plea by reassuring her that even though she wasn’t sure how she’d get the clothes to the girl’s location in Durban she would surely make a plan. 

Going beyond the call of duty the DJ called on some of her celebrity friends including DJZinhle and social activist Tumi Sole to get involved in the charitable work.

This generosity and care displayed by Lerato ignited a donation out pouring from regular South Africans.

Zethe’s initial twitter post to Kganyago became a thread of kindness and generosity with everyday South Africans offering the young woman and her family donations of clothing and blankets. Some even offering to bring the clothes to Durban over the upcoming Easter weekend.

Its always refreshing to be reminded of South Africans ability to retain the Ubuntu philosophy. Its even better to see South African celebrities leading the charge!

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Main Image Credit: Instagram/LeratoKganyago