Lira's contribution to Disney song gets nominated for an Oscar

The songstress lends her voice to a song that has now been nominated for an Oscar.

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All the nominations for the Academy Awards for 2017 were announced on Tuesday night, 24 January and one of the most notable nominations for us was when we found out that one of the songs that Lira has contributed to has also been nominated.

Lira recorded the South African version of the song as it appears in the film - she was not the original artist or composer but one of a few artists internationally and the only one for Africa who recorded a version of the song for the film, Moana.

The composer and lyricist, Lin-Manuel Miranda are nominated for the Oscar.

"We are delighted that Lira has lent her world-class talent and distinctively beautiful voice to How Far I’ll Go”, says Christine Service, Senior Vice President and Country Manager of The Walt Disney Company Africa. 

“Bringing her voice to the cinematic release of Moana adds a wonderful local dimension to this universal story of finding one’s true self. We are thrilled to be able to collaborate with Lira to bring this unique recording to South African families.”

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In her 2016 interview with Metro FM, Lira mentioned how challenging it was to do the song extremely enjoyed the experience.

"It's a typically epic Disney song that will play on the end credits, it was challenging making this song as it's also not in my comfort zone, but I think I killed it [Laughs]. "


She also added that doing more songs for films will be one of her main career paths for the future.

"In terms of me entering and getting more into films, it's really just me expanding my career, just getting into new spaces.

After releasing my DVD and producing my new TV show which is being aired in 52 countries around Africa, my team and I feel like we're getting stronger at content production. So I'd love to do more and more work around the film space and this is just another awesome opportunity that I could not have passed on." Said Lira.

Congratulations to Lira's contribution to the song and also to the Oscar nominee - Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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