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Mrs Husband to the public and Mrs Meyer to her husband.

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Linda Mtoba is one of Mzansi's favourite actresses and is also knows as quite the fashionista.

Linda Mtoba captured the hearts of many when she landed the role to play Zama Ngwenya on one of Mzansi's favourite TV shows, Isibaya.

She is popularly known for her instant clap-backs to public criticism.

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As a content curator, actress, brand ambassador and a mother, Linda continues to work on becoming one of the best actresses in the country. 

Here's Linda Mtoba's biography and her rise to fame.

Linda Mtoba Age

Linda Mtoba was born on the 11th of November in 1991. She is 28-years-old. 

Linda Mtoba Education

Before she got her big break on Isibaya, Linda Mtoba was studying Marketing Management as a part-time student. 

However, she did not finish her studies at the time and she instead turned her focus to acting. 

Linda Mtoba Family

Linda Mtoba was born and raised in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.

She was raised alongside her little brother by both her parents. Sadly, she lost her father at the age of 13.

Her mother, Celiwe remarried and the fatherhood role was fulfilled by her stepfather.

Growing up, Linda Mtoba and her family lived with her aunt Lihle and her son making it one big family.

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Linda Mtoba Marriage

Linda Mtoba is married to Steve Meyer.

The couple tied the knot in 2017. This was after a 6 years long  relationship until Steve proposed and finally Linda Mtoba became Mrs Meyer.

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She gave birth to her first child with Steve in 2020. The public knows the baby as Baby Bean.

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Linda Mtoba Career

Linda Mtoba is a qualified teacher and worked as an educator in KwaZulu-Natal for a year after her graduation. She taught isiZulu to the intermediate phase which was grade 1 to 5. 

Linda Mtoba left her teaching job to pursue her other interest which was acting. She didn't know she could land an acting job till she gave it a try.

She is naturally a bubbly character and considered dramatic by her friends.

Linda Mtoba was pressed by her friends to attend auditions for Isibaya and when she eventually gave in and attended the auditions they loved Linda and she landed the role of Zama Ngwenya on the show.

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She was cast as a daughter of a ruthless and feared taxi boss, Judas Ngwenya, that was played by the famous actor Menzi Ngubane from KwaMashu and Beauty Ngwenya her mother played by Thuli Thabethe.

In 2018, she landed the role of Nomonde on 1Magic’s best selling telenovela, The River where she got the chance to play alongside, Sindi Dlathu, Moshidi Motshwega, Hlomla Dandala and Presley Chweneyagae

Linda Mtoba Fashion

All fashion lovers know that all Linda Mtoba's dresses are elegant, stylish, and thoughtfully matched to make an alluring ensemble.

She seldom has a day when she is not ready for the camera. This is through her well-decorated Instagram pictures that are mostly focused on family, travel and fashion.

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She has reached the influential status and is forever curating timeless content on her Instagram showing her unmatched sense of fashion. 

Sneaker Bae

Get comfortable and still look lavish.

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Maternity Jeans

Wearing jeans while pregnant can get a bit uncomfortable but thanks to maternity jeans, which have a stretchable waistline, women can still look cute in their favourite denim pants.

Linda paired her ripped jeans with a loose-fitting black top and a camouflage jacket.

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Going a bit feminine

You can never go wrong with a block heel. As we have seen from Linda Mtoba, they go well with everything and add a perfect amount of femininity to any look. They complete your look for both your day and night events too.

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Linda Mtoba never disappoints with her fashion sense. She's always on point.

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Linda Mtoba Brand Endorsements

Linda Mtoba posted on Instagram that she was endorsed and partnered with VaselineZA as their ambassador.

"I’m proud to announce my partnership with @vaselineza a brand that’s been a part of my life since I can remember. Things change with time, but some things are constant such as my love for kisses and the Vaseline seal that’s now in the Vaseline lip therapy. It’s made even more convenient and oh so cute in these Lil lip tins, I take one everywhere."

Since she became a mother, Linda Mtoba scored a major brand ambassadorial deal for 'Huggies' with Baby Bean.

At such a young age, Baby Bean is already cashing in the big cheques.

Linda Mtoba Controversy

Wardrobe Fitting 

During a wardrobe fitting, Linda Mtoba put on a creamy dress that quickly caught the eye of Asanda Madyibi who had designed a similar one. 

She took to social media to complain about the design of the dress that Linda Mtoba was wearing claiming that it looks like the creamy dreams she made for Minnie Dlamini's umembeso. 

This led to Bomb Productions reaching out to the designer, Asanda Madyibi and they issued out an apology for the incident. As this is a matter that would surely concern Minnie Dlamini as well, they contacted her to apologise for any inconvenience that they might have caused with using the replica design of the dress. 

Husband Kidnapped

On the 1st of December in 2018, Linda Mtoba's husband was hijacked and he was kidnapped. 

She shared on her twitter about the experience she had on that day. 

"On this day last year, my husband was hijacked and taken for hours. I thank God every day for his safety. Today we’re together with our daughter. It would’ve taken a second for one of the hijackers to get mad & kill him."

Stranger invading her privacy and taking pictures

She lashed out at a fan who was sneakingly trying to take a photo of her baby while they were out in public.

The mother of one wrote a concise and short post on social media - where she advised everyone to refrain from hoping to catch an opportunity to steal a picture of her daughter.

Upon giving birth Linda Mtoba hit back at highly inquisitive social media users who kept hounding her to publicly announce her daughter's name.

Public breastfeeding 

Linda Mtoba has unapologetically shared her views on breastfeeding in public and she sees no problem with it at all. 

According to Linda Mtoba, she sees it as attending to her child’s hunger at the time her child will require food. But on social media, she was criticised by people who shared different views from her.

However, Linda Mtoba then encouraged other mothers not to succumb to the same pressures when she said: 

"I really don’t give much thought to feeding my daughter in public, she needs to eat so I feed her. I thought maybe I’d be anxious about it but speaking to other mommies truly gave me the confidence I needed to do it. Mommies, it’s ok to breastfeed our babies in public & not feel any shame for it."

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Her priority is only her baby and she does not have time to think about who's watching.

As she keeps getting better in her craft, Linda Mtoba hopes to sharpen her skills as an actress. She wishes to go back to school to study towards being a producer one day.

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