Londie London: "One day I’ll open a restaurant"

Five fun facts about Londie London 

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Londie London

It's no doubt that Ambitiouz Entertainment has quite a number of talented and versatile artists under their record label and musician Londie London is amongst the big brands, here are some fun facts about Londie London which she recently shared.

1. “I’m a really good sketch artist, cause I went to school for it and I draw in fine point pen."

2. “I’m a really great cook, not cooking your normal food, your stew, whatever you guys usually say you can cook and you can just make breakfast, I’m talking about restaurant food, maybe one day I’ll open a restaurant...then you’ll know."

Londie London

3. “ I say more no’s than yes’s because I’m not a very nice person sometimes, don’t try me."

4. "I hate dogs, they're like little toddlers that are never gonna be able to talk, ever, so I hate dogs, so don’t come near me with your dogs."

5. "You probably know this already, but can we just appreciate the fact that the artist has really strong vocal pipes."

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