Lootlove waited for years to get Metro FM gig

And she did not give up until her voice was heard through the radio station.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Luthando "LootLove" Shosha  | Top of The

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Luthando "Lootlove" Shosha never gave up on her dream of working at Metro FM, even if it meant waiting several years to finally get that "yes". 

The TV and radio personality, who joined the station last year, spoke to South African online magazine The Plug about her life and career. In the interview, she revealed how getting a gig at Metro FM was no walk in the park for her.   

"Metro FM was a test," she revealed. "It was four/five years of sending demos. My first meeting with Metro FM was a year before I got on air and they were ready to go and I was ready to go; then it was dead." 

She explained that she didn't know what was happening and kept calling them. "And eventually they were like 'we're just going to have to hold up because we want to wait for the new year and get you in on a new line-up," She told the publication

"That happened and I wasn't on the new line-up." Lootlove said she kept pushing for a while. "But naturally, when you've been pushing for a while your ego gets bruised; you think maybe this isn't for me or maybe they don't really want me." 

Loot, who now hosts a show called Absolute Hip Hop alongside DJ Speedsta, explained that she has always really wanted Metro FM and doesn't like settling."I'm not going to settle until I get what I want, even if it takes me another seven years." 

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