Luyanda Potwana on living a healthy lifestyle

The 'Nyan Nyan' host's confidence is on the up.

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Luyanda Potwana claims a new woman

Most individuals that have lost weight can possibly share various stories about the benefits of having trimmed down.

Attesting to the above notion is South Africa's most recognised television presenter, Luyanda Potwana. The media personality is sporting a new figure and when interviewed by Move! magazine, he revealed how leading a healthy lifestyle has had a positive impact on his self confidence including his sex drive. He further elaborated:"We work in the television industry and image is everything, people look first and then listen. Men are generally not as strong as women, our egos are fragile".

On the importance of going to gym, Luyanda stated:''Gym improves your health and sex life. Lots of cardio, strength exercises and healthy eating - improve your sex life. And that is important".

He further emphasises on the benefits of sex in a man's life. His words were:"I know that a lot of guys don't really open up about stuff like that but I know because I was one of them. When you decide to turn your life around and start leading a healthy lifestyle, you become a stallion, even in bed".

However, it seems there were misleading media reports around the interview Luyanda did, he has since posted the real essence of the article which was his role on Nyan'Nyan and how excited he is about the show's success.

We are down for leading a healthy lifestyle, Luyanda serves as a constant reminder, that it can be done.

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