Glammy wants to use her voice to help other sexual abuse survivors

The entrepreneur and motivational speaker relaunched her blog with a very personal revelation 

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Glammy wants to use her voice to help others find theirs

Affectionately known as Glammy (Kairo's grandmother) by her followers, Lynn Forbes began her August with a new endeavour - a brand new blog

The relaunch is presumably part of her work with The Kiernan Forbes foundation as well as her continued work as a social activist and for her very first post, she reveals sexual assault at the hands of a family friend, a secret that she has kept for most of her life. 

In a post titled, 'An Untold Story Never Heals,' Forbes writes "my Childhood Sexual Abuse had far reaching effects on my life. It has never let go of my throat, haunting me into adulthood."

She then adds "I was sexually abused as a child. My perpetrator was a close friend of my parents. I never told them or anyone else about the abuse and for the last 38 years of my life, I have carried this “secret” inside me. I am ready to tell my story now because an untold story never heals and an untold story does not help or protect anyone but the perpetrator."

Among the far-reaching effects into her life, Forbes explains that she has a huge problem with situations in which people try to control and manipulate her and her instinct to escape the feelings brought on by such situations always takes over. 

She has vowed to help others find their voices and speak out against child sexual abuse and we support her 100%. 

If you or a child you know may be experiencing abuse, please reach out to the following places:

Social worker (Social Development) - 0800 60 10 11

Childline - 08000 55 555

Police station - 10111 / 08600 10 111

For human trafficking - 0800 555 999

or visit the Childline website

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