Maboneng Restaurants - Who Owns Who?

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Maboneng is a seSotho word that means "place of light," a fitting moniker for a region that has quickly become a creative hotspot for Johannesburg's urban artists. 

With a combination of eateries, coffee shops, apparel boutiques, art galleries, retail, and studio space, this wonderful urban neighborhood is the heart of creative energy. The area attracts both inner-city residents and the city's trendy, art-loving suburbia, bringing life back to this downtown Johannesburg neighborhood. 

The area is also a major driver of tourism in Johannesburg, both locally and internationally. Maboneng has a welcoming atmosphere that is a must-see for everyone in Joburg and across the world.

There are numerous authentic restaurants in the area that specialize in a variety of delectable cuisines.

Some of this restaurants are:-

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Arts on Main

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This multi-use complex, which was originally a cluster of derelict buildings that have been refurbished, connected, and turned into an atrium of smaller galleries, stores, and cafés, is Maboneng's cultural core. Come by on a Sunday around brunch time to experience freshly prepared African cuisine and local produce at the food market.

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Maboneng is a cultural melting pot, and this Argentine grill restaurant serves some of the greatest short ribs asado and sangria pitchers in town. Try the humita saltea empanadas, which are filled with sweet corn, spring onions, and goat cheese, and come on Friday or Saturday nights when a live band performs tango music.

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Habesha, named after the Ethiopian people, is a gateway to the amazing world of West African cuisine. Habesha is one of our favorite eateries in Maboneng, serving everything from fermented flatbreads (injera) to authentic Ethiopian coffee. The Kbe fir-fir, which consists of shredded flatbread and spices blended into clarified butter, is a must-try. Habesha is one of our favorite Maboneng restaurants.

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Kalahari Thyme

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Kalahari Thyme serves authentic South African cuisine. Kalahari Thyme is just home away from home, with its well-prepared local meals cooked to a teaspoon away from perfection and outstanding friendly service to their guests as if they were at home.

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Taste Kitchen By Chef Nti

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The Taste Kitchen by Chef Nti is owned and operated by one of South Africa's most well-known celebrity chefs, "Chef Nti," and is located in Maboneng. Through food, music, art, and tourism, the restaurant provides an exclusive African experience. 

Once or twice a week, the restaurant serves brunch, supper, and private gatherings with a 7-course tasting menu with wine pairing and a complimentary 8th "meal of the day," which is inspired by the local vegetables available on that particular day in Maboneng's streets. Taste is a wonderful gem when it comes to the eateries in Maboneng.

In Maboneng there is a cluster of old manufacturing structures that have been modernized using steel, glass, and concrete. These original structures, which feature inviting street-facing retail, commercial work spaces, and artist studios, are juxtaposed with more unconventional modern architecture rising upwards, densifying the neighborhood with additional levels of residential loft apartments and double-volume penthouses. This is how Maboneng came to be.

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