Check Out Makhadzi's Car Collection That Prove She Has Good Tastes

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Regarded as the Queen of Africa by her fans, Makhadzi is a multi-award-winning musician from Limpopo who officially launched her music career a few years ago but has achieved massive success in that short amount of time.

With millions of fans who love her music, a sizable net worth that is on the rise, and a fully-booked schedule, Makhadzi is reaping hard from her hard work and talent and we are proud of her.

Makhadzi is clearly a fan of sleek machines and thanks to her hard-earned money, she can afford to purchase them. Here is a look at Makhadzi’s cars, her house and her latest news.

Audi A1

Makhadzi's car, source: Twitter

Makhadzi’s first car was a white Audi A1. She received the car from Audi Polokwane as a gift in 2018 after winning TSHIMA Female artist of the year.

Unfortunately, Makhadzi was involved in a tragic car crash a month after getting her first car and although she escaped with her life, the car was deemed damaged beyond repair.

Audi A4 

Makhadzi's car, source: Savanna news

After her first car got destroyed in an accident, Makhadzi bought her second car- this time a beautiful Audi A4. 

The Audi A4 is considered a luxury sedan and it combines high performance, advanced tech options and a comfortable interior to give the driver the ultimate driving experience.

Although Makhadzi did not reveal the amount of money she spent on her Audi but according to the current market prices, a new Audi A4 goes for around R 795 700.

Mercedes Benz A-Class

Makhadzi's car, source: Facebook

Another one of Makhadzi’s cars is a sleek Mercedes Benz A-Class. She bought this beautiful machine in 2020.

She made the big purchase shortly after she parted ways with her former manager- Rita Dee Nephawe after Makhadzi accused her of not paying her royalties from her debut album- Matorokisi.

The Mercedes Benz A-Class is a highly rated small luxury sedan with a sleek exterior design and a refreshingly modern interior.

Makhadzi’s house

Makhadzi's house, source: Youtube screenshot

In addition to her sleek cars, Makhadzi also owns and lives in a beautiful house in the suburbs of Johannesburg. The Ghanama hitmaker reportedly spent about R4 million on her new house which she bought in August 2021.

Before buying her house, Makhadzi revealed that she first took care of her family. She built houses for both her parents who separated when she was young and another one for her grandmother. 

Besides working hard to provide a roof for herself and for her parents, Makhadzi has also invested in the real estate business and she is a landlady at only 26 years of age. She reportedly owns a block of rental flats in Sunnyside central, Pretoria which helps her bring in more revenue.


Makhadzi’s latest news

Recently, Makhadzi had to issue a long apology to her fans after she failed to show up to a show that she had been booked to perform at the Northern Cape Heritage Festival on the 24th of September 2022.

In a statement, Makhadzi explained that she had been overbooked on the said weekend but she had a jet booked to ensure that she travelled to all her shows smoothly. Unfortunately, the jet experienced an aviation problem which made it impossible for her to honour her commitment to perform.
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