Mapula Mafole on being a SAFTA nominee and her role on Rhythm City

SAFTA nominee Mapula opens up about fans confusing her character with her reality & more.

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Mapula Mafola

The 27-year-old got her first foot into the acting industry after landing her role as Mapula on Rhythm City back in 2012, 6-years later and she is still reaping the rewards of her craft.

In a recent interview on Massiv Metro, the SAFTA nominee shared that she was humbled by the nomination and was grateful to be recognized, especially after going through a period of doubt.

“I’m still tryna take it all in, but I mean, I’m enjoying the ride, I’m enjoying the moment. I’m just going with it, for me to know that there are people who are recognizing my work, it’s means I’m on the right track, it’s a journey this thing and sometimes you hit what you think is a brick wall and you ask yourself gees, am I in the right place? And it couldn't have come at a better time for me, I think it’s the best timing and I was so surprised.”

Mapula Mafole

Speaking on her role on Rhythm City, the  AFDA graduate added that fans tend to confuse her character with her reality, however, she was still touched at how people relate and sympathize with the character's struggles.

“They do...I’m very touch touched and what it says to me is that I’m doing a good job with the character that people believe it. But it’s weird, I’d tell them: ‘Im acting, I have food, I have clothes, it’s just a character.’ 

"It’s nice to know that people do sympathize with the characters…”

Mapula is set to do a lot of amazing things in 2018 and is even thinking of venturing into the music industry as a DJ.

“I’m still gonna be on Rhythm City for some time so please keep watching. I also want to start producing my own short film, get into films, and also try to learn how to DJ.”

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