Maraza talks new album, married life and a new baby on the way

Maraza blindsides the hip hop community with a killer new album.

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On Thursday night, 3 November, rapper Maraza launched his latest music offering to the media in an exclusive album launch held at Universal Music studios.

With a new album, titled Blind under his belt, married life and a third baby on the way we think it's safe to say that 2016 has been more than good to rapper, Maraza, who really flexed his lyrical finesse with his hit single Gwan this year.

The album launch was more than just that but also a window to Maraza's personal life as he speaks of the many challenges he's had to go through in releasing the album. 

Amongst the songs he performed, Maraza became real personal when he performed a song titled "Try" dedicated to his wife whom he married last year.

Maraza shared the story behind the song and how they broke up just after six months into their marriage.

"The song starts with a conversation where she's at the airport in Durban, this is six months into our marriage, rocky stuff, we break up and she goes home. We great now but I put that in the music even though it doesn't define who we are now but it defines where we've been. So I'm very honest and open about a lot of things in this album." said the rapper

He also added that the greatest challenge about this album was not the music but the ears of the people.

"My biggest challenge when it came to this album was getting people to hear it. That's really been the biggest challenge and I think for the longest time that challenge might've been due to finances, but you know there's a system of how the game works and I've been struggling to get it right for a long time."


Regardless of the challenges, Maraza is thankful that he was able to overcome these challenges through the influx of creativity that just kept flowing through him.

"The music was just flowing and it made the rest of my life easy because I was able to deal with so many things, even the issue of my father, like I have some serious daddy issues because my father passed away when I was very young, from the age of 15 I had to be my own dad. So the music has made those parts of my life very easy."

With a third child on the way, Maraza also explained what he would love his kids to learn from this album long after he's gone.

"Seeing that I lost my father at a young age, I used to hear a lot of stories about him by people.  So what I want my children to know when they listen to this album is to understand that I love them. To feel like I was there with them the whole time and to be able to defend my name when they hear unfounded stories about me. My childlren should be like 'Nah, I heard his album he would never do something like that."

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Maraza is planning on releasing 5 incarnations of the Blind album which includes the original version, a deluxe version, an acoustic version, a stripped down version and lastly a one man band version which is only him surrounded by a number of instruments.

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