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Rising to fame initially as a reality TV winner on the 2004 edition of Coca-Cola Popstars, the former Ghetto Lingo member embarked on a solo music career in 2010 after releasing two albums with the Popstars group.

His début solo album self titled Martin Phike with whom he collaborated on with D'Rex and Kabelo Mabalane, focused on strong musical elements of Afro pop, R&B, kwaito and rap.

After hosting the fourth season of Coca-Cola Popstars in 2010, PK also gained fame with his acting roles on soapies 7de Laan and Backstage.

Originally known as Martin Phike, PK changed his stage name for branding purposes, and in March 2011 the superstar swapped his love for Afro-pop and R&B music and turned to gospel – releasing his second solo album, Man On A Mission. The 10-track CD was released through the singer’s record label, PK Recordz.

This time around, Martin's back with a brand new sound. 

Why did you decide to go with this particular musical sound for your latest offering?

I started my career as an R&B and Pop artist. I grew up listening to R&B music and I simply love melodies and chords that resonate with R&B music. I think we've come up with a contemporary sound that stands out and I am excited for the SA public to hear more of it soon.

Why did you take so long to come back on the music scene and release new music?

I've always been in the music scene, maybe not in the mainstream though. I've been focusing on ministry, choir trainings in Europe and the SADC regions and concerts in West Africa and of course, my family.

What's the recording experience been like so far for your new album?

It’s been amazing. I've been composing and arranging for this album, and I enjoy always working in studio. It's been fun to work with up-and-coming producer Galid Music.

What's the past two years been like for you since your gospel album release in 2012?

Great! I was blessed to have picked up some music awards in the USA , got time to work and develop a few TV concepts for my church, as well as help out with our Inner-city Mission (NPO) taking care of orphans as well as with the elderly in the community. Being a full-time dad and husband as well as an entrepreneur putting things into place in my Record label PK Records, has kept me busy.

How does being married influence/affect how you write your music now?

When you listen to my material the language doesn't need to be censored! So the whole family can listen without fast forwarding and skipping certain tracks! My album is centred around the theme of LOVE and that's where my best friend/wife comes in. I write music from my heart and she inspires a lot of my content.

What is married life like for you?

The best! Being married brings focus, responsibility, accountability and stability to one's life. Marriage is not a sprint but a marathon you run until Jesus comes. It's taught me a lot, about having to make things work and also about selfless and genuinely caring and appreciating your soul mate.

Can we expect you to venture into TV presenting and acting again in the future?

Oh for sure! There's a film I'm busy penning, which I'll star in too. I can't give away too much at this stage though.

What does 2015 hold for you?

2015 will become a massive year for Martin PK, my label which I direct with my partner Styles Bhebhe. We have an action plan mapped out that takes us beyond 2015. The Martin PK brand will be a stand out brand, creating employment, charity organisational work, concerts, tours as well as school motivational visits! 

Bright Lights will be available for download on ITunes and SoundCloud later this month.


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