Masasa Mbangeni shares the hardships of being an artist

The life of a hardworking artist is never easy.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Masasa Mbangeni  | Top of The

Masasa Mbangeni

Considerably one of the greatest actresses of our generation - Masasa Mbangeni shares her difficulties of being a freelance actor.

The life of an actor is an exciting one with many great experiences that include acting alongside other talented actors, whether local or international. 

It's one job that brings great joy to anyone who is a performance artist, however being an actor is also known to have its downfalls, especially when finances are involved.

It is an unreliable source of income that can leave you broke to such an extent that you might even consider changing careers.

Look at actors such as Bonga Dlamini, who played the character of Mkhonto on Uzalo.  After 10-years of being in the industry, he decided to quit acting indefinitely due to the financial difficulties he was experiencing with his career.

Bonga Dlamini

Now actress Masasa Mbangeni, famously known for her acting on etv's Scandal! has also expressed the difficulties of being a freelance artist, especially when wanting to purchase expensive assets like property.

Masasa opened up to her followers on Instagram and expressed how the life of an actor is hardly one that comes with financial benefits.

"Here. Being a freelance actor and looking for an apartment, to buy or to rent, has to be the most humiliating and painful experience ever. And then we have to explain to people that we date that we are not lazy or making excuses, that buying anything as a freelancer is rough! They want your blood and tears or you pay cash and how many people have enough money to buy a (minimum) 1,3mil home cash? But we soldier on because this is the Artist's Way."  Said Masasa.

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Even Masasa's former cast member, Kagiso Modupe who plays the character of Mangi has decided to give the public a first-class seat about the hardships of being a celebrity and how difficult it is for artists to purchase certain things because of their jobs.

This is a great initiative that Mangi is doing, it teaches and prepares those who aspire to be in this particular industry. If you're an aspiring actor, watching Mangi's videos will probably help you a great deal.

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