[GALLERY] The Mazwai family throws Nomsa a baby shower

The family gathered together to celebrate their new family member 

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The Mazwai family throws Nomsa a baby shower

This past weekend, friends and family of the Mazwai family gathered together to celebrate the impending arrival of the youngest Mazwai sister, Nomsa's baby. 

Nomsa, or Nomisupasta as she's popularly known is expecting her first child (a baby girl) with a man whose identity is yet to be revealed. 

Speaking to Drum, she revealed that he worked with her sisters and her friends to arrange a baby shower for her which she was pleasantly surprised by. 

"The baby shower was a surprise; well at least that's what they were all planning. I knew the date and I had to send names of people I wanted there, but that's all I knew. I was very surprised by what they put together. It was so incredible, beautiful and it was a space of pure love,” she said. 

They had also recently had a naming dinner for the baby where her friends and family submitted possible names for the little one. Nomsa, who says her pregnancy has practically been smooth sailing, says the difficulty was actually in falling pregnant as she has been battling fibroids for years. 

She has reportedly had 13 fibroids removed over two surgeries and thought she may never be a mother because of it.  

“It looked like I was never going to have children; it was so difficult for me to accept that. I really wanted to have children. I had actually accepted that I couldn't have children,” she explained.

Her shower was attended by her sister, family and friends such as Bobo Radu. Take a look: 

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