Meme of the month contenders

Our top favourite memes of the month.

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If there's one thing we've come to love and enjoy about social media is the hilarious memes that constantly pop up on our timelines.

Memes are the main reason you find yourself cracking up with laughter whenever you read a friend or stranger's tweet.

Throughout the year we've seen numerous memes get selected for the meme of the month crown.

From our side, we definitely nominated this Meryl Streep meme as the winner for the month of April.


But with every new month a new meme needs to take the title, here are our top contenders for the month of May.

The Okay Wasabi meme

wasanga mayhem meme

This meme is undoubtedly the most used meme of the month, some people even went to the extent of editing it for their entertainment pleasure.

The starter pack meme

Ok these memes tend to hurt some people because it's close to home some, but hey man if the shoe know the rest.

We really feel sorry for ladies who rock the razor-cut hairdo they're always roasted when it comes to memes.


This Midrand starter pack meme really pushed people's buttons, if you're a guy and live in Midrand please don't take this meme seriously, it's all fun and games in these social media streeets.


The meme you would never show your mom

You can't help but burst out laughing when you see this post for the first time. Who sits down and thinks about these captions?


Which other memes did we miss out?


Here's the official meme calendar according to you guys and Black Twitter. Save it and we'll update it as the year goes along. 

2017 meme calendar