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MiCasa is on a mission to encourage South Africans to travel more.

The group has partnered with SA Tourism on a Sho't Left tour around the country, checking out some really cool places and experiences. 

The first leg of the tour kicked off on Wednesday, 17 February, in Gauteng and ZAlebs was invited to be part of the adventure.

We drove all the way to the Vaal, and checked in at the Bon Hotel Riviera on Vaal. Our excitement was on another level. Like, how many times do you get to chill and have fun with one of your favourite bands? Exactly! 

We love that the MiCasa guys are so chilled and, unlike some celebrities, they are actually very nice people. 


About to do some fun activities. Whoop! #My1stShotLeft #Micasa

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Now you know you don't go in a Sho't Left without doing some cool things, right? We had a couple of fun activities lined up, including a speed boat ride, paddling, and blobbing. Of course, not everyone is a fan of water, but those who participated had a blast.


@dr_duda is having way too much fun #my1stshotleft #micasa @micasamusic 😜😜

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J' Something couldn't get enough of the water. We don't blame him, though. 


When @jsomethingmusic says blobbing is like sipping rooibos hmmm #micasa #my1stshotleft

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We then moved on to other activities, which included volleyball and soccer. Now, this really gave some people a chance to show off their competitive sides. Interesting... 


And they scored again!!..#my1stshotleft #hustleonline

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@mot_micasa about to volley as @jsomethingmusic looks on...#my1stshotleft #hustleonline @micasamusic @shotleft

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The first day was not just about running around and scoring goals, it was also about experiencing MiCasa on stage. We were treated to a beautiful live peformance, where the group performed some of the top tracks, including their smash hit Barman, which features Big Nuz and Dj Tira. 


"Udlala kancane, we barman." We're totally loving @micasamusic's performance. #my1stshotleft #Micasa

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They also performed other people's hit songs. What a cool thing to witness.


@micasamusic paying tribute to one of our faves, @mafikizolosa #my1stshotleft #micasa #goodmusicwednesday

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Hip Hop legend, HHP, was also there, and boy, did he blow us away.


#Repost @_straw with @repostapp. ・・・ Mind blowing! #My1stShotleft #micasa

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Too much fun, right? 

The second day was all about Soweto, the biggest township in South Africa. We headed to the Orlando Towers, and, of course, there were really cool activities lined up. We went quad biking, paintballing, and we also got to tour Soweto on bicycles. How cool is that? 


Day two... Quad biking. So much fun! #my1stshotleft #micasa

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Bicycle tour done and dusted. Such a cool experience. #my1stshotleft #micasa


Meet @jsomethingmusic's paintball victim- it got rough! 😁😁#micasa #my1stshotleft #Soweto

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That was followed by a much needed lunch. You know you don't do a Soweto tour without visiting Vilakazi Street, right?


Food time...#my1stshotleft @shotleft

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We wrapped up our day on a very high note, as there were many highlights. We asked the group what they enjoyed the most about the experience. J'Something said his favourite part was chilling with everyone who was there, while Mo T said he enjoyed all the activities.

Dr Duda said: "For me the Vaal was on point. I would recommend each and every activity." 

The award-winning band is looking forward to visiting the eight other South African provinces. 

Look out for our videos soon...

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