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Almost everyone in South Africa knows and has herad of the name Mihlali Ndamase. The social media influencer, Youtuber, philanthropist and businesswoman has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry and she is not slowing down anytime soon. As a makeup artist, Mihlali started her Youtube channel in 2016 and wanted to share her makeup tips and tricks with her followers. With time her following grew and she became one of South Africa's leading content creators and businesswoman. 

Because we know you guys are just as curious as we are, lets take a look at Mihlali Ndamase’s net worth and how she keeps her bank account fat and healthy.

Mihlali Ndamase’s Net Worth

As a beauty and fashion influencer, Mihlali is no stranger to the soft life and everything luxurious. The media personality knows how to spoil herself and she earns enough money to do it effortlessly. Through her hard work and and various business ventures Mihlali Ndamase’s networth has grown, and is estimated to be anywhere between 1 - 5 million USD. 

Picture source: @mihlalii_n Instagram

How Does Mihlali Make Her Money?

The multifaceted media personality does not play when it comes to securing her bag. Here are the different streams of income that add to Mihlali Ndamase’s net worth.

Social Media
Social media is one of the biggest contributors to Mihlali Ndamase’s net worth and as her Youtube subscribers grew, so did her social media following. The influencer currently has just under 2 million followers on Instagram, 1.1 million followers on Twitter and over 500 thousand followers on Facebook, with these numbers, she is one of the most followed celebrity in South Africa.

Mihlali was recently listed as one of the highest paid influencers in the country making $2,300 per post on Instagram alone.

Picture source: @mihlalii_n Instagram

Makeup Artist
Makeup is clearly her first love, and definitely adds to Mihlali’s Ndamase’s net worth. As a certified makeup artist, she occasionally hosts beauty workshops and masterclasses. Tickets to these events are often sold out and range anywhere between R 2,000 - R 3,000.

Picture source: @mihlalii_n Instagram

Brand Partnerships 
The media personality and social media influencer has collaborated and worked with internationally renowned brands such as MAC Cosmetics, Revlon, Urban Decay, Benefit Cosmetics, Aldo, Samsung, NYX Professional Makeup, Nespresso, Coca Cola and BMW.

Picture source: @mihlalii_n Instagram

Brand Ambassador
When it comes to making boss moves, Mihlali sits at the top of the list. The award winning content creator has been and is currently the brand ambassador for various international brands in the country. She was the first South African official face of Swedish watchmaker, Daniel Wellington. Mihlali Ndamase’s net worth continues to grow as she is the current the face of Ciao Malfy premium gin.

Picture source: @mihlalii_n Instagram

Just recently, Mihlali launched her website Malakyt.co.za. The website aims at being South Africa’s most reliable independent beauty specialists platform and connects clients to services provides around the country.

Picture source: @mihlalii_n Instagram

The award winning content creator also has a kind heart and a generous hand. Mihlali is the co-founder of the NGO Siyasizana Foundation which is geared towards supporting, aiding and providing a helping hand to the poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable. This is done through projects that provide everyday necessities such as school supplies, sanitary products, food, clothing, and books.

Picture source: @mihlalii_n Instagram

Mihlali Ndamase’s net worth is a testament to the hard work and dedication that she puts into her craft and we are definitely motivated and cannot wait to she what she accomplishes this year.

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