People already gunning for Minnie Dlamini's Soccer Zone job

It's a vicious industry and everyone wants a piece of that pie.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Minnie Dlamini  | Top of The

Minnie Dlamini soccer zone

It hasn't even been 4 hours since the announcement broke that Minnie Dlamini resigned from her co-presenting job on Soccer Zone and already there's an influx of calls requesting for her position.

The news of Minnie Dlamini resignation from SoccerZone is still fresh in everyone's minds but it didn't take long for people to get their hustle on and start enquiring for her position.

After hearing the news of Minnie's resignation, ZAlebs contacted her publicist Jarred Doyle to find out more details behind her resignation. Although he didn't give us full details about why his client resigned he did mention that his phone has been ringing non-stop as people inquire about the position.

"What we have said is the official statement. I'm being inundated with calls for auditions and producer details. 

She has resigned, we don't know the next steps and the SABC will comment on what the next steps will be, if there are open auditions they will alert you, I kindly ask that people refrain from contacting me about how they can get the job."


The hustle just doesn't stop in the concrete jungle, job opportunities in the entertainment industry are scarce and everyone is scrambling for as many jobs as they can.

Hmm, we wonder if any top entertainment personalities called Jarred for the job, also, isn't it a bit inappropriate to be after someone's job just after they've resigned?

But then again we're people are just out here trying to eat.

Image Credit: Instagram