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Mohale Motaung, Mohale Motaung
Most of us might have first heard about Mohale Motaung only after he started going out with Somizi Mhlongo, but the young man had been making serious steps in his career even before meeting Somgaga.

As the estranged couple’s divorce drama continue to develop and we are exposed to bits of their dirty laundry every day, there is a small percentage of the population that seems to think that the whole relationship was inspired by money but it turns out that it really isn’t all about the money and although Mohale’s money is no match to what Somizi, he is well-loaded on his own.

Here is a look at Mohale Motaung’s net worth and how he makes his money.

What is Mohale Motaung’s net worth?

Mohale Motaung, source: Instagram

According to several online sources, Mohale Motaung’s net worth lies somewhere between R3,000,000 - R7,000,000.

He has accumulated this incredible wealth through years of hard work as an actor, businessman, and radio personality. Let’s take a look at his career timeline.

Mohale Motaung’s businesses

Mohale Motaung, source: Instagram

The greatest contributor to Mohale Motaung’s net worth is perhaps his hand in business. Born in 1994, Mohale Motaung started taking smart financial risks and decisions at a very young age. When he was 19 years old, he started his first business in the transport industry.

He went on to start another business called Glam Troupe which provides makeover services for graduations as well as matric dances.

Towards the end of 2021, Mohale Motaung launched his range of skincare products called Elahom cosmetics by Mohale, these are the boss moves we are taking about.

Mohale Motaung the actor

Besides business investments, Mohale Motaung has also made some good money from his acting. 

His first big role was when he landed the role of Odirile on the second season of  MTV’s Shuga: Down South.

In 2020, he was cast as Kudzo on Rhythm City, this caused a public uproar as some people claimed that he had only landed the role because of his relationship with Somizi. Mohale countered this popular opinion by claiming that he had auditioned for the role three times before winning the role.

He also appeared on Rockville as Trevor Gumbi and he also made an appearance on his ex-husband’s reality talk show Living The Dream.

Radio career

In 2021, Mohale Motaung launched his career on the radio after he landed a job as a host for Opulence Radio’s breakfast show called The Opulent Breakfast which runs every Monday to Friday.

Mohale Motaung’s endorsements

Mohale Motaung, source: Instagram

Over the years, the young media personality has landed several endorsement deals that have well helped his net worth grow. 

In 2018, he was named the official brand ambassador for CSquared SA which deals in formal wear for both men and women. Recently, he was unveiled as the face of the tea company- Laager Rooibos.

Mohale and Somizi’s divorce 

Mohale with his ex-husband, Somizi, source: Instagram

For the better part of 2022, Mzansi has been keeping up with the Mohale and Somizi’s divorce which has been nothing but dramatic so far.

The couple separated and filed for divorce after Mohale Motaung’s leaked interview clip where he disclosed that Somizi had been abusive to him went viral.

Although the couple was married into a community of property and by law, their assets should be divided into half following the divorce, it is reported that Mohale wants nothing from Somizi, just what he walked into the marriage with- that is his car and clothes. 

Whichever way the divorce will go, we believe that Mohale Motaung’s net worth is set to increase in the coming years- both through the divorce settlement (if there will be any) and through the boss moves he is making in the industry.

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