Moneoa releases new song and announces return to the game

Moneoa comes back to reclaim her spot in the music industry.

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Moneoa is basically one of the best vocalists to come out of the depths of the South African talent pool. So when she disappeared people thought that it was the case of the one hit wonder. 

She took to Instagram to explain about her sudden absence and where she's at now. 

So I know I haven’t released music in a WHiiiiiiile. I take your feedback seriously and a lot of it included me being dubbed “talented” but also “under rated”. I felt inadequately adequate if that makes sense... I honestly felt like I needed to find a team that would be able to give that talent and career, the kind of exposure and development it needed. There’s nothing more painful than being stagnant when you know you have what it takes to peak. ZiphiNkomo is my song. I released it initially in 2014 through my previous album “Ndim Lo”. I was going to release it as a single but due to some unfortunate circumstances, I couldn’t. I used to cry myself to sleep about it but I also I won’t dwell on it because it’s in the past and I made a choice to give it to God and not the public. Besides, retrospectively my God is GOOOODOOOOO and He ALWAYS has a magnificent plan for us. I’m actually grateful it happened the way it did because this version of Ziphinkomo gave my song more justice than I could’ve ever dreamed of. The song itself resonates with me more than it ever did because I’m at a stage in my life whereby I can actually relate to it. But I’m also in no rush so no pressure to my mister.😂😉 Here is my gift that I offer to you, my lovers. I hope that it was worth the wait and I hope it sets the right precedent for what I’m about to offer next. Ziphinkomo LINK IN MY BIO.❤️😘 Artwork by: @wtfis8thave

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And to re-release her song Ziph' Inkomo as a gift to her fans for their patience. The song is a remake of the song that was on her debut Ndim Lo and she re-made it simply because she felt it didn't get enough steam. This time though, it should. The production is very mellow and her voice matches the emotions she's felt of having to wait for so long for the perfect man to come around. Take a listen below and tell us what you think. 

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@moneoa