#UyangthandaNa: Moshe Ndiki needs to come back for the third season

A petition needs to be signed for him to come back.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Moshe Ndiki  | Top of The


He did an outstanding job that has got us wanting more. Thursday night's episode of UyangthandaNa was, unfortunately, the last one for this season and boy did it end with a high note.

Everything about this episode was hilarious and entertaining since last week we could not wait to see what was going to unravel between this week's potential couple.

There were so many memorable moments about this episode, one of them was also realising how gorgeous Lesego was and how on fleek his makeup is.

Moshe Ndiki

Even some ladies caught feelings on how proper his makeup was.

We feel you girl, but how's about you read our 'How to get your brows on fleek in 7 steps' article to get some tips?

Oh, and by the way if the other guy's face looks familiar it's because of this hilarious video of him which went viral a couple of weeks ago, so that's where you might've seen him from before.

And if you're wondering if Lesego said yes to his love proposal, this is the answer.

Anyway, back to Moshe, guys, it is a MUST that he returns for the third season. Our love thug is probably the main reason we keep coming back every week to watch this show. Parental Advisory Productions absolutely cannot do us dirty with the third season and not bring him back.

We're not asking too much, but to just see Moshe bring light and laughter to our screens every Thursday evening.

We know people rant about opening up the industry, but listen, why tamper with something that works? Moshe is UyangthandaNa.

We humbly request for Moshe's return for next season, please.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@MosheNdiki