When Msawawa ruled Kwaito....for a second

He was the youngest kid on the scene, causing a lot of havoc on the airwaves and on stage.

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Known to jump out of a sports bag and outperform his older Kwaito stars, Msawawa was a breath of fresh air back in the early 2000's.

Kwaito had already made its mark within the South African music industry and with the arrival of Mzambiya as the youngest Kwaito star to hit the scene and with the arrival of his even younger friend and fellow label mate - Msawawa, we were sure that the future of Kwaito would be left in good hands.

We recently came across this picture of Msawawa standing alongside the late, great Brenda Fassie and thought to ourselves 'This boy had a lot of talent and potential'.


Unfortunately, his career as one of South Africa's biggest Kwaito stars dwindled throughout the years.

But before his bright star dimmed, Msawawa still managed to give us a number of hits.

Bowungakanani featuring Mzambiya was such a jam, there wasn't any kid in the hood who did not sing or love that song.

Then he went on to give us songs like Bibo, which also came with a dance move.

Then he also had a track called Green Mamba which we thoroughly enjoyed.

By the way who could forget his signature "Yes! Yes! Yes!" signature intro on every song he sang. 

His signature intro has since become a favourite meme on social media lately.


Msawawa is now far from that cute little kid from back in the day with news of him getting married to an older woman and later on hearing rumours of him and his wife having broken-up, we're not quite sure where that has left the former child star. 

But what we do know is that Msawawa gave us some great memories in the form of music that will forever hold a special place in our long-gone childhood.

Main Image Credit: Facebook/Msawawa