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Musa Mseleku
Musa Mseleku is a rich South African businessman who also dabbles as a reality television star and is known for his extravagant lifestyle and love for a big polygamous family.

Like many millionaires, Musa Mseleku has a big appetite for sleek machines and luckily for him, he can afford them. Here is a look at Musa Mseleku’s cars as well as the cars he bought for his four wives.

Musa Mseleku’s cars

Musa Mseleku's car, source: Facebook

According to sources, the number of Musa Mseleku’s cars is estimated to be at least 15 and includes a Toyota Prado V8, a Chevrolet, and a Mercedes Benz ML SUV.

Although he is known to live an extravagantly large life, Musa Mseleku rarely ever shares photos of his cars on his social media accounts.

Musa Mseleku’s wives cars

Mselekus' cars, source: Facebook

Musa Mseleku is officially married to four women (although there is a rumour that he recently married a fifth wife) and he treats each one of them like royalty, showing them off publicly and showering them with extravagant gifts.

Mseleku met and married his first wife MaCele in 2002. Together they have children- Lwandle  (born 2003), Abongwe (born 2005), and Omwani (born 2012).

The tycoon then married his second wife- MaYeni in 2007. MaYeni and Musa first met in 1997 but did not marry as MaYeni’s parents did not approve of Mseleku as their son-in-law. They later rekindled their relationship in 2007 and got married in a civil wedding followed by a big white wedding in Umtamvuna River Lodge. Musa Mseleku and MaYeni have three children together- Mpumelelo (born 2002), Mnini (born 2014), and Obanzi (born 2017).

In 2009 Mseleku married his third wife- MaKhumalo Thobile who is a radio personality, MC and public speaker. Currently the youngest of Mseleku’s wives, MaKhumalo has not borne any children yet.

Mseleku’s fourth wife is a nurse called MaNgwabe. The two met in 2009 when Musa was dating MaKhumalo and they wedded in 2009 too. Together they have two children- Mawande (born 2012) and Zenande (born 2017).

According to some sources, the wealthy businessman reportedly recently married his fifth wife in a very private but extravagant ceremony in Mzube. Mseleku has wanted to marry a fifth wife for a long time now but his four wives didn’t love the idea. As it stands, the identity of Musa Mseleku’s alleged fifth wife has not been revealed yet.

In 2019, Musa Mseleku surprised his four wives with new sleek cars. Each of the Mrs Mselekus reportedly received a white Mercedes Benz C180 with customized number plates. Mseleku is reported to have spent about $69,900 on each of the cars.

How does Musa Mseleku afford his extravagant lifestyle?

Musa Mseleku with his wives, source: Facebook

Musa Mseleku has accumulated impressive wealth over the years from his multiple sources of income and his net worth is currently estimated at around R32 million.

His main sources of income are profits from his businesses. He also makes good money from starring alongside his wives in the reality show Uthando Nesthembu and being the host of Mnakwethu. 

Read all about Musa Mseleku’s net worth and how he rose from a humble background to become the filthy rich millionaire he is today.

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