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He's basically one of the few young black genre bending electro producers breaking out into the mainstream. What makes it exciting is the fact that Muzi actually produced his sophomore album on a rag tag home made computer. If you're familiar with the sounds of Baauer (Harlem Shake) then you have an idea of what Muzi does.  ZAlebs had a bit of a chat with the new kid on the block.

Let’s take it back to 2007 when your wrote your first single “Back to school” after taking a break from music for a while, tell us about the inspiration behind the song and if it was much of a challenge writing it seeing that you had stayed clear away from music for a while there? Even though at some point I had stopped letting people hear my beats I was still writing some songs here and there I also would make like ten to fifteen beats a day because I wanted to get so good at this and because I was never good at anything else.  So when I produced “Back to school” I knew that it had to be heard by the public because I consider the song as one of my greatest creations, so I can’t really pin-point what was the inspiration behind it but I knew that it had to be something that would first blow me away and if I gave it the stamp of approval I was hoping that others would also feel the same way about it.

ZAlebs heard your first single Bundu’s and excuse our ignorance but your type of music we’d classify as Dub-Step would you also agree with our analysis? No I wouldn’t say my music is Dub-Step because Dub-Step to me has certain rules that they follow with regards to how they tailor their music, that particular genre is embedded in dance music originally whereas for me I grew up listening to a lot of 90’s Hip Hop and that’s like the base of my music.  The likes of Eminem, Wu-Tang and Cannabis have had  great influence in how my music sounds but obviously when I started growing into my own individuality I started listening and infusing some rock and electronic music in my own songs so basically I’d classify my music as new school Hip Hop with a bit of a twist.

You come across as a rebellious artist, do you think you’ll ever compromise your craft when you get the opportunity to go commercial? Music is like another form of expression for me, if I couldn’t talk I have no doubt that I’d still be making beats and maybe people would even get to know me better through my music so as soon as I start compromising, that’s definitely not me.  So I don’t think I’d ever compromise on my artistry and it’s now 2013 major labels don’t have that kind of power anymore thanks to the internet especially, now the power is back in the hands of the artists which is how it should be and I’ve found that I’ve had a loyal following which just makes my work even easier to do.

What’s your take on every ‘cool-kid’ wanting or being a skateboarder now seeing that you started skate-boarding way before the hype?  [Laughs]  Hey man people must just do themselves, I have no comments really if you suddenly like skate-boarding then hey why not go for it?  But yes some people like to go with trends and jump on what’s hot at that time, which is ok I mean we’ve all been guilty of doing that.

For those who don't know who Muzi is, how would you describe yourself as an artist and what can expect from your debut album Future rap is what I'd call my music, its what I'd want to hear when I turn on the radio, like I said its futur Hip Hop with a bash of electronic music but I'll be honest with you I don't think anyone can rap on my type of beats there's a whole lot of things going on there which would make other rappers have to step up and get out of their comfort zones.

Take a look at Muzi's latest material and let us know what you think of this new kid on the block:



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