Broken Vow's Nambitha Ben-Mazwi offers us some fitness tips for winter

Nambitha's tips on how to get even more fit this winter.

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With winter already looming over us, we all need some inspiration to seriously go hard in the gym and Nambitha is just the person to give us some much needed motivation.

Heating up scenes as a character on Broken Vows alongside Lehasa Moloi, is not the only thing that Nambitha Ben Mazwi is good at. Keeping fit and ensuring she sustains her healthy lifestyle is also one of the most important factors in her life that ensures that she constantly becomes the best version of herself.

 ZAlebs caught up with Nambitha Ben Mazwi to share her fitness tips for this winter.


Nambitha who is constantly on set working abnormal hours and ensuring she gives us her best with every character she plays also ensures that she keeps healthy by heading to the gym as often as possible.

The actress informed us that she tries to follow a 5-day workout schedule every week before going on set. 

Health professionals usually advise people to go to gym at least 3-times a day but Nambitha goes that extra mile and goes 5-days a week. Get motivated people! 

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Nambitha also suggests that if you're going to hit the gym instead of the treadmill hit the exercise bike and also do a HIT session

"Hit session works wonders to wake up and shock the body otherwise cardio is always best to warm the body up followed by nutritious breakfast." Said Nambitha.

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Going to the gym early in the morning is already a mission but with winter already at our doorsteps, it's already proving to be even more difficult to wake up and break a sweat.

However, the actress has advised that the best way to get your week started on a great note to the gym is to never miss Mondays.

"Never miss Monday. The way you start your week will determine the rest of your fitness journey. If you ever have doubt of postponing training, just get dressed and make your way to the gym. You will always feel better afterwards."

What are some good workout options if you can't afford a personal trainer?

"If you want to focus on leaning down, always start with a 10-minute warm-up (jump on the spot or do several burpees exercises) and use your body weight for resistance/ strength training (lunges, wall resistance, squats, planks, sit-ups.

 Use the couch/coffee table for triceps, dips and always and then end off with cardio afterwards (go for a good job). 

There are also plenty Nike challenges/events that one can sign up to that are free, discovery park runs as well as a good session at the Westcliff staircase. 

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Hikes are my favorite pass time so if you don't mind a short drive to Magaliesberg, the Hennops trail is a great way to work out and unwind."

Well there you have it folks, these fitness tips for the winter should have you motivated enough to hit the ground running and ignoring that snooze button this coming winter.

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