Nandi Madida on being a female producer and her musical come back

Nandi is back in the music scene and is set to take Africa to the world through Fashion.

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Nandi Madida

Nandi Madida is in a great space, after spending almost 15-years in the industry as a young girl from Umhlanga, she has bagged more gigs than one can keep count of, and after her New York Fashion week showcase, she is now determined to take Africa to the world. 

Speaking to ZAlebs, Nandi shared exclusive information about her upcoming competition/reality TV show on BET titled Made in Africa which is set to air on the 18th of April.

Nandi shared that she will not only be hosting the show but she'll also take on the role of being the producer of the show.

“It’s always great being a host but I think, something that is important for us females and female empowerment is being an executive producer of a show of this magnitude across the continent and it’s not literally a show about me but other Africans and their passion. I’ve always said that the next show I do I need to make sure that somehow I’m involved, not just as a host because of the legacy I want to leave for the next generation of females, that then it’s no longer taboo."

Nandi went on to add that she was convinced after her NYFW showcase that there was a gap in the market for Africans, and her husband Zakes Bantiwini taking the executive seat, she was inspired to give ‘younger people a chance' and highlight African talent.

“ came at a time when I was inspired, I just came from New York Fashion Week and can see the gap in the market, where us as Africans can really shine…I’m personally inspired by a lot of people, I’m lucky, I’m lucky I know a lot of people that have been in the entertainment industry.

I even look at my husband for example who is head executive of A&R at Sony Music...I believe in longevity, I also believe in giving other younger people a chance to do their thing and I think it’s just the natural progression that the older you get, you wanna discover and venture into new platforms…”

K.O and Nandi Madida

Speaking on her music career, Nandi shared that she had consciously decided to take a step back from music to avoid politics within the music industry and just enjoy her television career however she is now prepared to make her come back in the music industry.

“The reason why I took a break is because, I was living a nice life on TV, enjoying it. There’s a lot of politics in music, there’s payola and all of that put me off. I think when it’s something you really truly love...I just wanted to protect that,...but now I’m coming, cause I am relieved because I have grown up, I’ve got to enjoy the industry and now I’m definitely ready to come back with music and I’m in a great space."

Meida personality Nandi who's the face of Lux and Five Roses is set to take on Africa, not only as a personality but as a designer as well in 2018, following her 2017 take-over

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