Nandi Madida opens up about buying her son land

Nandi Madida is serious about building an empire for Shaka.

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In February Nandi spoke openly about why she works so hard since the birth of her son. The media personality made it clear that her main focus is to build an empire for her son and the next generation to follow.

Nandi has shared how serious she is about building generational wealth for her family. The media personality is considerably private about the ongoings of her family and relationship with husband - Zakes Bantwini but she recently shared that she bought a piece of land for their son and has begun building a farm on that land.


Nandi shared that it is important for her offsprings to understand the importance of generational wealth and that all of the businesses she's embarked on all lead up to that one goal of creating that particular wealth.

Her recent post read: 

"Last year I bought my son some land as his first bday gift and have begun building a farm for him, which he will then hand down to his kids and so on. As you know I rarely show material things on my page, but this was a very proud moment for me as his mother because this is a legacy that will last for many generations to come. It’s the same as Colour @Colourfashionlabel (my fashion line) and the other businesses I’m apart of which you’ll soon learn about, I want my children to understand generational wealth. Having grown up in Durban North and having parents who come from rural KZN Maphumulo, I learnt from both backgrounds that generational wealth is more important than buying things that lose value over time (cars, clothes etc.). I am who I am because of my parents, grandparents and my ancestors. I owe it to my kids to also play my part. Love you @ShakaMadida."

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