DRC falls in love with Nandi Mngoma

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Nandi Madida  | Top of The

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There's nothing like receiving love and appreciation for what you do. This is something Nandi Mngoma can attest to. The singer, who's been hard at work promoting her and Zakes' new single - Dance, has fans all over the continent.

Nandi, who performed in the DRC recently, took to Instagram to share her experience.

She wrote: "I would've never in a million years thought that I had supporters who loved my music in the DRC as a relatively new artist! I had the time of my life performing in the DRC! I will never forget this trip. The love I have received is overwhelming, I'm so emotional and motivated to do more to unite this beautiful continent through music. DRC I Love YOU!..." 

The heartfelt message was accompanied by a short clip showing off her dance moves. Watch the video below. 

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