10 reasons why Nasty C deserves to be on Coke Studio

He's one of the most notable young African rappers of this generation.

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Nasty C

When you're in a hip hop debate with your friends and debating about the hottest rappers in South Africa, Nasty C's name is bound to be mentioned once or twice in the conversation.

The 20-year-old rapper has proved countless of times why he deserves to be crowned one of the kings of South African hip hop. But most importantly, his proved why he deserves to be featured on Coke Studio South Africa, not once but twice.

Coke Studio showcases the best music from all corners of Africa to the rest of the world by inviting megastars and unsigned local artists, from different music genres to create an original hit in just 48 hours. Talk about pressure, but when it comes to Nasty C pressure is just a foreign concept.

Here are 10 reasons why the rapper deserves to be on Coke Studio for the second time around.

Nasty C
He received hyena status on Sway In The Morning
Nasty 3

To achieve hyena status on Sway In The Morning is quite a big deal for any rapper. It basically puts you up there with the greatest MC's that ever blessed the mic on the radio show and it says a lot about your creativity. So if Nasty C can blow Sway away with just a freestyle, what more can he do when he's given 48 hours to make a song?

An award winning artist
nasty c2

With only one album out Nasty C has managed to win himself four Metro FM Awards plus a Record Of The Year Award at the SAMAs this year, and that's exactly the type of artists Coke Studio needs, creatives who are able to produce records that are timeless, oh and let's not forget his BET nominations as well.

He collaborates with international stars

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One important thing about Coke Studio is the ability for an artist to work with other artists. And the best way to test that is to team up a musician with other international creatives who are known to possess a rigorous work ethic when it comes to their craft. Judging by his song with French Montana, collaborating with other artists is not a problem for Nasty C.

Not only a rapper but a producer
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Another important aspect of being on Coke Studio is the artist's comprehension and appreciation of the producer. Seeing that Nasty C learned how to produce at a very young age, him working alongside the best producers Coke Studio has to offer should be an interesting process to watch as he has great knowledge when it comes to being a music producer.

He's proud of where he comes from...
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So much so that he made a song titled 031 which is an area code of his home city - Durban. When you're an artist that's going to feature on Coke Studio it is important that you love and appreciate where you come from and represent your country well because there will be other African artists who will be representing just as hard for their hometown and countries.

The kids love Nasty C

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When you've won the hearts of the youth you've basically won the heart of the entire nation. The kids love Nasty C and it's clear by the way they love dancing to his music. Coke Studio is not only about empowering African artists but also empowering the youth and to make them realize that their dreams are within arms reach.

@sthandiwe_.angela 😭🔥🔥 @aylo_sa what u got?? #031

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His music videos are quite fresh

Nasty C definitely needs to be the Creative Director of the video for the song he's going to create on Coke Studio. Have you seen how fresh his music videos look?

He released his debut album for free
Nasty 6

When Nasty C released his debut album, Bad Hair, for free on Audiomack South African hip hop fans went ballistic! But this was a true testament of how much Nasty C cares about his music and fans, he creates quality music and still sends it out for free which shows that even if he creates a song on Coke Studio that will be easily accessible to everyone, he'll still make sure that the song is of high quality.

He's made his Ivyson Tour quite affordable


Again, this goes back to the respect he has for his fans and how much he wants his music to be experienced by as many people as possible. His nationwide tour which kicks off later in the month is selling for only R100 a ticket, another reflection of what Coke Studio is about, which is making good quality music that will reach the masses all over South Africa and Africa as a whole.

He's quite an impressive guy


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How can you not believe in his talents after this video? We think Nasty C should get residency on Coke Studio for the next couple of years. Don't you think?

He has a celebrity look alike

For comic relief, we think every African artist who features on Coke Studio should have a celebrity look-alike, after all Nasty C has one.

Make sure you catch Nasty C this Saturday as he collaborates with Nigeria's very own Runtown for what is said to be a mind blowing R&B and hip hop collaboration. 


In case you missed Nasty C and Runtown's single Said you can watch it below.

Coke Studio airs every Saturday on eTV at 6:05pm from 12 August to 2 September 2017. Follow all of the artists' creative journey on Coca-Cola's Twitter page @CocaCola_ZA 

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