Nasty C Blows Past 100,000 Subscribers On YouTube

100,000? He's already over 150,000!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Nasty C  | Top of The

Nasty C just keeps on winning and there seems to be no stopping the young rapper.

Not only did he drop an amazing album this year but he also managed to present one of the most successful hip hop concert tours of 2018.

And just when we thought he couldn't top both of these achievements, not only was he recently awarded a YouTube Silver Creator Award for reaching  100,000 subscribers on the online video channel.

Now he over 150,000 subscribers already.

Nasty C is well on his way to possibly receiving the Gold Creator Award, that's if he is able to get 1 million subscribers for his channel.

Also, Nasty C's YouTube channel is doing very well not only with subscribers but also in views as well.

A number of his videos have between 1 million to 2 million views and according to YouTube rules, if your videos have passed the 100,000 viewers mark YouTube pays you for that.

However, this also involves a number of other factors such as the quality of the video, viewers engagement with your content and the most important one, the engagement with the ad in your video. Meaning that you earning money from YouTube heavily depends on whether people clicked or watched the advert in your video for more than 30 seconds.

So Nasty C might not only be getting that rapper money but he's probably also receiving a large sum of money from YouTube as well.