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Renowned hip-hop journalist, TV and radio presenter Sway Calloway was in South Africa over the weekend for the Castle Light Unlocked Experience festival. Sway hosted a live cypher on stage that featured SA rappers A-Reece, J Molley, Moozlie and The Big Hash.

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Sway sat down with the hosts of the Fresh Breakfast on Metro FM for an interview, a few days ago and Sway discussed the South African hip hop scene. 

When Sway was asked by one of the Metro FM presenters who he felt had the best freestyle on the show and he mentioned a few names that we shouldn't be surprised by.

Kwesta-  was one of the rappers he said made the list. Sway mentioned in the interview that he liked the way Kwesta infused South African sounds and languages in his music. "That's why I think Kwesta is important," said Sway.

 I can hear an American style in America really well. Therefore, when I come to South Africa, I wanna feel like I'm learning something from the sound and the dialect… so Kwesta, to me, opened the doors to many sounds. And then Stogie T opened doors to sounds. 'cause whenever an artist comes to the show, I do some research and I listen to some of their older projects.

Sway also mention that Nasty C represents the new generation of sound where there is more of a fusion of both sound and flow. He later added that Nasty C is special. 

Get behind that kid. He's the one that can really cross all geographical boundaries. He's the one that can initially blow up big in the States.

If only Sway knew, we've been on- we're waiting for the rest of the world to catch up.

But the Metro FM team would not let Sway go without stating who had the best flow and although he confesses to finding it difficult to pick because each artist is uniquely different- he eventually buckled and said Stogie T.

Hands down, I think Stogie T had the hottest verse from anybody that came here. But Nasty C probably shocked me the most. I thought all the verse were great, but if you gonna ask me who I thought stood out or in those particular times, showed up the best, Stogie T came, he said something like 'I'll put your certified hyenas in an elephant grave.' I was like, 'Did he just disrespect me? We just had a cool conversation. On my show?
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To be fair, he did bring the heat but at this point Stogie T can't help it.

All in all, as respected as Sway is in the hip hop game-we're happy that he recognizes talent from Mzansi when he hears it.

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