WATCH: Nasty C goes off on food outlets

He just wants some free food 

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WATCH: Nasty C goes off on food outlets

Earlier this week, the country was amused by the humorous and harmless twar been popular South African food outlets on social media but things got so much more entertaining when rapper, Nasty C, joined the fun. 

It all began when Burger King took shots at McDonalds for International Friendship Day...

... and McDonalds fired back with one of the most popular South African quotes of all time...

... a Twitter user then challenged KFC to join the fun and it wasn't long before Nando's and Roco Mamas hopped on board. 

The rapper then reminded the outlet that he had mentioned them for free on a song and he still has to pay for his food... 

And he followed up the tweet with two hilarious videos stating his case:

Bae-zi-kallee, like most of us, the homie just wants some free food. But will he get it...?

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