#IdolsSA: Noma didn't know she won

At first she didn't hear her name and thought it was Thami who won.

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Noma didn't know she won

She was surprised to see people surrounding her,  left in confusion, Noma asked why everyone was congratulating her.

There's been a clip of Noma's reaction after hearing that she'd won Idols SA that's been making its rounds on social media.

If you look at the video clip, you'll see a very dazed and confused Noma.

That's because, the 21-year-old teacher and now Idols SA season 12 winner, was unaware that she had won the competition.

In an interview with Gareth Cliff, Noma explained how she was so confused that people were surrounding and hugging her.

"It was a bit overwhelming at first, I was like 'Oh my God guys, what's going on, why is everyone hurdling around us' because I didn't know if Proverb called my name or Thami's name at that time and Valentine was screaming at how proud she was of me and I'm like 'Valentine what are you talking about?'

Then she's like 'Pro called your name babe.' and then I was like oh my gosh! That's when my tears started coming. It really only registered when I started crying." Said Noma

Noma 2

Although she's won Idols, Noma acknowledges that the real hard work has only started.

"Kim, the Idols manager, always warned us that after Idols that's where the real hard work starts, so we still need to have a briefing, when everything's calmed down a bit and discuss the next step forward, but I'm really excited and I can't wait to start working in the studio, I really can't."

The journey on Idols SA was not easy for Noma and the rest of the contestants, Noma used to receive a barrage of criticism about her performance and her physical appearance.

Noma admits that she struggled with it a bit and was close to giving up but the kids she teaches at her school encouraged her to continue pushing.

"Monday I told myself I'm calling the kids and I'm just going to tell them that it's over, it's been great, thank you for having me but I really can't. And one of the kids told me that If I give up now, what message would I be sending to them as. They made me realized that I had become a beacon of hope for them and by me giving up I would be teaching them to also throw in the towel when the tough gets going.

So after that, I got a wake-up call because I realized that it was no longer about me but for those who actually believe in me."

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