Nomuzi Moozlie Mabena Biography: Age, Early Life, Education, Career, Relationship, Instagram, Awards, Controversy, Business

From being a top presenter to climbing the rap hierarchy.

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Nomuzi Moozlie Mabena is a South African television personality and hip hop artist best known for winning the 2012 MTV Base VJ Search.

Now Moozlie is arguably one of the best female rappers in the continent.

She continues to rock the stage and bless her fans with making music that is celebrated by many throughout the continent.

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The rapper left Varsity College to become a presenter, and many would have thought that was the end of her. That came with its benefits as she eventually joined a record label, Cashtime Life Records, for her professional music in 2014. 

Today, she is living her best life in the United States and this is through her hard work and dedication to her craft. 

Here is Moozlie's story.

Moozlie Age

Moozlie was born on the 22nd of September in 1987. She is 27 years old.

Moozlie Early Life

Moozlie was born and raised in Benoni which is located in the East Rand of Johannesburg.

She was raised by both her parents alongside her older sister.

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Moozlie says her sister has always been her biggest fan.

“My sister has always been my day one fan, from driving me to modelling class to where I am now. I love her to bits, she’s incredible.”

Moozlie Education

From the time she started going to school, Moozlie attended St Dunstans College and she remained in the same school.

After matric she then studied for a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Sciences, but she didn’t complete her studies after she was selected by MTV Base in their 2012 VJ search.

Moozlie Career

Moozlie is a songwriter, fashionista and a presenter who is also a well-known rapper.

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Moozlie started her television career in 2012 after she was selected by MTV Base after her outstanding audition when MTV knew they found what they were looking for during their VJ search. 

She worked for MTV Base for four years while she was busy launching her music career.

 In 2016, Moozlie left MTV Base to go work at Vuzu, Channel O.

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Moozlie was rated one of the best new presenters for the Vuzu show and V-Entertainment during the same year. 

 In 2017,Vuzu Amp was re-branded as 1Magic and the show was still broadcasting the same content, but had a more local approach. 

In 2018, Moozlie worked alongside South Africa’s media mogul, Somizi Mhlongo commonly known by his nickname, Somgaga on 1Magic.


Moozlie grew up with the love for music and the entertainment realm. 

She always wanted to end up in the spotlight as one of the best female rappers in Africa and years later she became one of the best female rappers on the continent. 

In 2014, Moozlie began her professional music career and signed with K.O’s record label, Cashtime Life Records.

On her debut, Moozlie was featured on Rouge's song Mbongo Zaka which led to the growth of Moozlie's fan base as people only knew about her television prowess but didn’t know about her providing solid raps.

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After working with Cashtime Life Records, Moozlie left the record label in 2016. This was a year before Moozlie started releasing more of her projects to the public. 

In 2017, Moozlie released her debut mixtape, named Versus. The mixtape had major singles which include Recipe, Getting Cash and Bum Bum where she featured the electronic performer Gemini Major.

Moozlie continued making new music and she released her first album in 2018 September. The album Victory has a leading single, Vatela where she featured one of her ex-colleagues, Kid X who she worked with during her time at Cashtime Life Records. 

She released her second studio album in 2020 titled I’m a Star. This is her first project for 2020, but she continues to work on new projects with the likes of AKA, Zoocci, and BK.

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In her interview with ZAlebs, Moozlie explained her new project,

"I wanted it to be organic I didn’t want force anything I didn’t like want to make bubble gum music just so I have songs out because going into the studio and writing it’s a thing that can happen but to do something that really real and will connect with an audience outside of you and just the producer in the studio that takes like a certain kind of magic that you cannot force so I was just kind of waiting on that," 

Moozlie continues to work as an independent artist and through this, she has learned the hardships that independent artists go through to get their albums done. Sadly, without money, there isn’t much one can do. 

“As an independent artist you can get very frustrated at the fact that we don’t have the budget to support our ideas and sometimes when that happens you can get very discouraged and then you almost think it’s a bad idea and it’s not a bad idea you just don’t necessarily have the budget to execute it," said Moozlie.

But according to Moozlie, she has learned her lesson and through that lesson - she developed other currencies other than money that work for her to get her craft done without many costs.

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Moozlie didn’t waste time but took the opportunity to create as much content as she can for her YouTube Channel in collaboration with Castle Lite Unlock.

She has worked on her album, I’m a Star and she continues to work on other projects with rap giants such as AKA and having her first time to work with the trap producer, Zocci. 

“What the lockdown the has done to me is kind of given me a music camp in my own house, so lots of writing and a producer is staying with me in house, his name is Fistola his doing beats for me engineering so I can work on my stuff but I have artists sending me stuff like I just did two records with AKA last week, so that’s dope. So musically this is a really good time,"

Moozlie Relationship

Moozlie found true love in the arms of Sbuda Roc who she also works with.

In 2018, the Vuzu personality shared a cute snap of herself with Sbu. In the cosy snap, Sbu is seen kissing Moozlie, and she was clearly loving it.

Nomuzi and Sbu

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Sbu and Moozlie are such a formidable pair, and as a manager and boyfriend, he has gone through it all with Moozlie. They are definitely couple goals and we can't help but stan. 

Moozlie Instagram

Moozlie is a media personality and through this, her Instagram is where you want to be or at least follow for her new music. She has over 1 million followers globally and she uses her Instagram to post some of her studio snippets.

As a fashion mogul, Moozlie shows her sizzling sense of fashion through different posts and the times when she's appeared on magazine covers too.

Bona Magazine Cover

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NBA All-Star Weekend

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Fashion is her currency

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In 2020, the rapper, presenter and fashionista scored her first-ever cover for Bona Magazine. This is through the influence the musician had after releasing her new album. 

Moozlie Awards

Moozlie is fairly new in the music industry but that has not stopped her from creating award-winning material.

She continues to work on her craft and a few years from now, she will be listing more awards than she has now.

Here are the awards that she's got since her debut in the music industry.


2018 - Best Female Award at the South African Hip-Hop Awards
2019- SA's Most Stylish Performing Artist in Music at the 

Moozlie Controversy 

As her name grew in the entertainment industry, Volkswagen SA and Drive Dry, a Diageo South Africa initiative, took the opportunity to feature Moozlie in their awareness campaign.

The purpose of the campaign was to deal with the curb of drunk driving and texting while driving.

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Their campaign was through a video of Moozlie doing a live Instagram update as she was driving and apparently being involved in a car crash. 

The video later became controversial as the public felt that as a public figure she was promoting the use of cellphones while one is behind the wheel. 

Moozlie found herself in hot water with her fans as they were worried about her safety only to learn that the video was to raise awareness on the dangers of using a phone whilst driving. 

Moozlie Business

The rap superstar dropped her first fashion collection in collaboration with Silva Lux.

SxMEdition - which will be available at YDE stories nationwide - is a sassy collection of shoes for a perfect night - or day - out.

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From thigh-high boots to snakeskin wedges and strappy neon sandals and everything in between, her fancy footwear is every girl's dream.

Moozlie continues to grow her brand as a medial mogul and a rapper. She aims to become one of the best rappers but this time around not only in Africa but globally.

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