Get to know #TIOT8 fan favourite - Nondu Mabizela

Team Thick may no longer be on the show but this is not the last we've seen of them.

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Get to know #TIOT8 fan favourite - Nondu Mabizela

After last week’s Tropika Island of Treasure shock elimination which saw Team Coral (made up of Melinda Bam and Kelly Gunnell) being eliminated, the show's host, Katlego Maboe delivered another Slenda Twist which saw Team Blue (made up of Sbahle Mpisane and Nondu Mabizela) eliminated from the show in last night's episode.

Nondu struggled during a game of ‘skim the bottle’ and was the last consumer contestant to knock down her three Tropika targets scoring one lonely point. The celebrities then tried their hand at the game which saw Sbahle gaining two points as she placed fourth in the challenge.

The second challenge, named ‘How Much Junk Do You Have In Your Trunk?’, saw Nondu and Sbahle’s unlucky streak continue as Nondu found herself in last place again bagging another single point, while Sbahle found herself in fourth position yet again scoring another two points.

The elimination challenge saw Sbahle, Khanya, Nondu and Lihle fight for their lives in a challenge titled ‘Hang In There’ in which the four contestants had to literally hold on to their place in the competition. After a nail-biting few minutes, Sbahle fell into the water and lost her place in the competition. A few moments later, Nondu fell in and Team Blue became the third team to be eliminated.

Nondu has been a really popular contestant among viewers who have an insatiable interest in the young doctor. 

So we compiled this fact file on Nondu just for the fans... 

1. How she got the name 'The Nondu': "When I was in high school there were 3 girls with the name “Nondumiso.” One was called 'Short Nondu,' the other 'Smart Nondu' and I fell somewhere in between so I became 'The Nondu,'” she explains.  

2. She claims to be obsessed with custard. "I can literally drink 1 litre on my own over 2 days. I call myself a 'custard connoisseur.'"

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3. The same can be said for running. "I absolutely looooooove running , nothing beats being on the road with some good music, scenery and getting fit and healthy at the same time."

4. Despite the drama, she describes Chris Breezy as her "favorite musician of all time." Adding "controversy aside he is an exceptional creative and entertainer." 

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5. "In my spare time I love doing fine art drawings"

6. She's all about that adrenaline! "Anything that involves skydiving, bungee jumping and all those extreme sports, I'm IN!"  

7. "I once accidentally stabbed my leg with a spear at my traditional 21st, and I had to get 12 stitches put in the following day. (I mean “the show must go on” right?")

8. She's sentimental AF. "I once received  a sunflower from this guy I had a crush on for the longest time, my best friend and I then made a coffin for the flower when it died and we had a burial ceremony for it."

9. "I love smiling and making people around me smile as well. I believe a smile is the best crown anyone can wear." 

10. "I’m very close with my family, they are the backbone of my existence and I love them to pieces."

Tropika Island of Treasure airs every Monday at 19:30 on SABC 3 or you can watch the latest episode on YouTube by clicking here

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