Nonhle Thema got married?

The former TV personality is really not about that celebrity life anymore

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Nonhle Thema has really dropped the glitz and glam of fame for a more quiet and private life with her daughter and new husband, yes, you read correct, husband.

According to Move Magazine Nonhle Thema has been happily married for over a year now. She expressed to the magazine that her hubby has shown her great happiness and that she doesn’t need to show how happy she is via social media platforms.

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“I don’t need to validate anymore, I don’t need to post on Instagram to show how happy I am. The anxiety that comes with social media is too much. I’m too mature now to worry about what people think of me.” she said.

According to past reports, Nonhle Thema was engaged to her baby daddy - Arthur Bolton between the years 2011 - 2012


The couple then broke up back in 2014 and had their various reasons for breaking up. 

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