Pics: Amahle Jali's fancy first birthday party

Amahle Jali is one of the luckiest little girls we know.

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Amehle Jali

Aaaw these pictures of Amahle are so cute!

So, Nonhle Ndala and Andile Jali's daughter, Amahle, recently turned one. And that's a very special day for every parent, and a cause for celebration. 

We've seen a lot of first birthday parties out there, but nothing as fancy as Amahle's. The decor looked so perfect, you'd swear it was a wedding reception. 

The proud mother shared some pictures on her Instagram page, giving fans a glimpse into her baby's party. 

The cake 

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The decor 

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More decor... check the detail

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The BFFs - Kairo, Amahle and Lelethu Zulu

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Sjoe! If that's what her first birthday party looks like, we can't imagine what she'll get when she turns 21. Some kids are lucky, man. 

We're sure mothers are having chest pains looking at these pictures.

Image Credit: Instagram