Ntando Duma's Parenting Questioned

"Where is The Car Seat?"

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Ntando Duma may have given us 20,000 reasons why she's a great parent but this week, Twitter found one big reason why she might not be. The timeline went in on the presenter after a video of her daughter in the back seat of her car went viral.

In the video, Ntando could be seen entertaining her two-year-old daughter, Sbahle in a cute exchange. The toddler was gurgling with joy and teased her mother by referring to her by her first name. Many of us found this video to be absolutely adorable but Sbahle's Instagram followers pointed out the fact that the toddler was sitting in the vehicle without a car seat.

Cue the drama.

Child-safety is not a joke, especially in a country that sees an alarmingly high rate of road accidents and deaths as a result. Many people dragged the Gqom Nation presenter for not strapping her child in a car-seat and the criticism got heated. Some even went as far as labelling her an "irresponsible parent" and it was at this point that Ntando retaliated:

"1. The car was stationary. 2. She’s got car seats and is always on it, when necessary. 3. I’m not an irresponsible mother. You should know this by now 4. Now let’s all drink water. 5. Thank you for your concern,"

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Unfortunately the video in question is only available on Sbahle's private Instagram, but the toddler already has over 150,000 followers. As a result, there were more than enough critics on hand to correct the presenter on the do's and don'ts of children in cars.

Unfortunately, Ntando was having none of it:

"How is my child not in a car seat in a stationary car jeopardising her safety?! Even if ke that was the case, ningenaphi? If you want to take this one for a debate, find me on my page and stop making a noise on my daughter’s page with your nonsense!"

Do you think that her followers were making a meal of this, or should Ntando take a step back to consider the risks she may have placed on her child?

Sheesh, parenting is tough. When Ntando is not fighting trolls about her child's safety, then she's trying to get her baby daddy to pay child support.

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